Shepherds Table

The Shepherds Table is a 501(3)(c) non-profit, South Carolina Eleemosynary Corporation, Sharing God’s Love One Meal At A Time, located on Gamecock Avenue in Conway, SC.

In 2007, our first Executive Director, Lyn Snyder; an individual with vision and passion, convinced community leaders that we needed to help those who were hungry, homeless, or in need Horry County.  At that time, a Board of Directors representing 9 churches was formed, a building was rented, equipment was obtained, and we opened our doors in 2008 to begin serving meals to people needing assistance in Horry County.

Our guests are the homeless, working and non-working poor, veterans, and senior citizens, including men, women, children and families.  Currently we are serving dinner to approximately 75-80 people per night.  In 2015, we served a total of 18,000 meals, an increase of 5,000 meals from the year before.  Your donations enable us to continue providing nutritious meals to the less fortunate in our community and provide emergency assistance to our guests.

We are supported by the generosity of more than 60 churches, businesses, civic organizations, schools, volunteer groups and individuals.  Contributions enable us to serve over 1,800 guests a month, with 1 out of 5 guests being a hungry child.  Much of the food we serve is donated by Food Lion, Olive Garden and Outreach Farms and we share what we can’t use with several food pantries and a local youth residence.