Conway Non-Profit Organization


The Shepherd’s Table is a 501C(3) non-profit organization whose mission is “Sharing God’s Love One Meal at a Time.” We help to improve the lives of those persons in the Conway area by meeting nutritional needs of individuals and families while providing them with spiritual guidance for charitable, educational, and religious purposes. We provide meals, at no cost, to anyone in the Conway area. The Shepherd’s Table does not have any restrictions on who we provide a meal to.


Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty in our area, assure that no one goes hungry in body and spirit, provide a clean and safe environment for individuals and families to sit down and join in fellowship, and to be treated with dignity.

Feeding the hungry is the first step to addressing the needs of anyone that comes in. Broader issues and needs also weigh heavily on some individuals that come through our doors.  By providing a meal helps to solve an immediate need. By facilitating access to other services we help to give hope for the future.  By offering spiritual guidance we bring peace to the soul.